Does anyone have Dani Alves phone number?

I would like to contact him about becoming the mother of his children.

“You are a bitch!”


I am, but only on good days.

“I don’t believe in wearing clothes when I’m alone.”
—Me, after getting caught in just my underwear.


Saw my glass about to fall so I said “no,no,no,” but weirdly enough that did not stop my glass from falling,


You know when you see one of those “If you don’t reblog this will kill you” posts and you scoff, and scroll past, but then it occurs to you that it’s better to be safe than sorry, so you reblog that shit and curse everyone who follows you?

“These kids today with their texting and their murder.”
—A small town sheriff on Supernatural
Great question!

Great question!

“Winston, if you think those shoes are brown, what color do you think you are?”
—Schmidt, The New Girl
Truest words ever.

Truest words ever.

Naomi watches the teen wolf trailer…

Why do they keep showing Scott so much?!

How that’s right, he’s the main character.




Shaq’s Revenge On Aaron Carter!

Naomi and her mom watch "The Avengers"
  • Mom: Why did Samuel L. Jackson-
  • Me: MOM! Please, please, that's Nick Fury.
  • Headline: Hugh Grant welcomes second child.
  • Me: Strange, I would have guessed that guy had lots more kids.
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