Day 07:Favorite Season

How do you pick among the stars!!!! Ok, if I must… season 6. I love season 6 as more than a Whovian, but also as a writer and a filmmaker. It is so beautifully crafted. Moffat start the season with the end and then slowly unravels the story.

There are some in between episodes that didn’t really push the narrative, but still very entertaining. Still, An Impossible Astronaut, The Almost People, A Good Man Goes to War,  Let’s Kill Hitler, Closing Time and The Wedding of River Song are just AMAZING. Then there is the silence, which are the coolest things ever. Can you imagine? A Silence can be sitting next to you right now! It’s juts fantastic. What is revealed, what the doctor experiences and of course the greatest quote ever.

But you’re a fool nonetheless. It’s all still waiting for you: the fields of Trenzalore, the fall of the Eleventh, and the question! The first question! The question that must never be answered, hidden in plain sight. The question you’ve been running from all your life. Doctor who? Doctor who? Doc-tor *who*?

I was literally jumping up and down and fist pumping at that. SOOO AMAZING. The question that must never be answered is the title of the fing show.

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